PFX Storm Shelter Features

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Features Overview

Laser cut air vent designed for comfort and function
1 1/2" Diameter, stainless steel pins - over 200 times stronger than 1" pins
1" Heavy duty, double shear door hinges - equivalent strength to 2 -1" barrel hinges
storm shelters with bolt in seating
Weighs over 370 lbs, includes 3 heavy duty hinges and 3 heavy duty latches
3/4" Anchor bolts placed every 12" (except under the door)
3/16" Wall and roof panels with 3" reinforced flanges and grade 8 1/2" bolts
pfx storm shelters foldable seating
All products are laser cut and bent by CNC press brakes to ensure quality and precision. All shelters include Lifetime Limited Warranty.
PFXtreme Door Assembly
  • Prefabricated assembly that bolts into the shelter, allows for more efficient manufacturing and lower cost
  • Weighs over 370 lbs!
  • 3 Heavy Duty Hinges
  • 3 Heavy Duty Latches
  • Door can be placed in any location
Heavy Duty Latching System
  • Designed and fabricated in-house
  • The strongest latching system on the market
  • 1 ½” Diameter, Stainless Steel Pins
  • Over 200 times stronger than 1” Pins
Double Shear Door Hinges
  • 1” Heavy Duty, Double Shear Door Hinge
  • Each hinge is equivalent to 2 1” barrel hinge
  • Designed and fabricated in-house
  • The strongest hinge system on the market
Walls & Roof Panels
  • ¾” Diameter Concrete Anchor Bolts
  • Anchor bolts every 12″
  • ½” Grade 8 Bolts
  • 3” Flange on all wall panels
  • 3/16″ Wall and roof panels
  • 1/4″ Thick reinforced door
Bolt In Seating
  • Can be installed in each 12” panel
  • Folds up and out of the way when not needed
  • Line an entire wall to create a bench
  • Doesn’t hinder the door from opening and closing when folded up
  • Can even be bolted in higher and used for shelving
Locking Safe System
  • Sargent and Greenleaf Keypad and Deadbolt System
  • Battery operated, does not require power
  • EMP resistant
  • Allows shelter to be utilized as a safe