About Our Bolt Together Storm Shelters

fema tested storm sheltersPFX Storm Shelters offers bolt together storm shelters that can be installed virtually anywhere!  The bolt together design allows for installation not only in your garage, but anywhere inside your home as well.  So, anywhere residential grade concrete is available, we can install an above ground shelter.  Also, the bolt together design allows for an easy transition to a new location, therefore, if you move, you can take it with you.

Above all, our above ground, bolt together storm shelters are designed with your safety in mind. We are proud to say that our shelters are not only stronger and of higher quality and craftsmanship than that of our competitors, but we have also been able to keep our price point well below theirs to make it more affordable for you to protect your family.

Our shelters have been engineered to withstand an EF-5 tornado and meet the FEMA 320/361 and the ICC-500 standards of impact. Click Here to View our testing certification.  FEMA recognizes the Wind Energy Science Department at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas as the official testing center for wind driven air borne objects hurled by tornadic winds and the damage they cause.

The Debris Impact Test Center at Texas Tech shoots laser guided projectiles from an air cannon at a speed estimated to match that of an EF-5 tornado at vulnerable impact points on shelters and doors. The purpose is to determine if these impacts will cause the structure to fail or not. We are very proud to say that our shelters were tested and were proven to meet debris impact guidelines of the FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500. All tests were compliant with FEMA 320/361 (2014) and ICC-500 (2014).  The video below shows the results of the testing performed on the PFX Bolt Together Storm Shelters.

Close Up View of the Testing Results (Hover or click an image for a better view.)

First testing shot barely shows a dent in our bolt together storm shelter.
Our bolt together storm shelter did more damage to the 2"x4"s than they did to it.
Our logo on our bolt together storm shelter after it was hit during testing.
A small dent was made during testing into our bolt together storm shelter