Your Family's Safety Is Our Top Priority


Having a family of 8 we know the importance of safety, that’s why we make the safety of our customers a top priority.

Built to Withstand an F5 Tornado

The state of Texas sees an average of 155 tornadoes every year, more than any other state. You need a secure solution to protect you and your family from a destructive F5 tornado. PFX Storm shelters have been engineered to withstand an EF-5 tornado and meet the FEMA 320 and the ICC-500 standards of impact.

Featuring the PFXtreme Door Assembly

A storm shelter is only as good as the door that secures it. Find out Why our PFXtreme Door is the best value for your family.

What You Need to Know Before You Hear the Sirens

Knowing what to do could be a matter of life and death. Get the information you need to know BEFORE you hear the tornado sirens.

Key Features of all PFX Storm Shelters


Find out what makes PFX Storm Shelters the best value for your family’s safety.


PFX Storm Shelters Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere Inside Your Home


Our panelized design allows for easy installation anywhere inside your home. We hand carry each part inside and construct your shelter piece by piece, exactly where you want it.


4’x4’x6 1/2′ Interior
Fits up to 5 People

4’x6’x6 1/2′ Interior
Fits up to 8 People

4’x8’x6 1/2′ Interior
Fits up to 10 People

These are a few of our most common size shelters. Additional sizes are available in 6” increments in width and length. Our standard height shelter is 6.5’, but we offer an 8’ height as well. Contact us today for a quote!

Weighs over 370 lbs, includes 3 heavy duty hinges and 3 heavy duty latches
3/16" Wall and roof panels with 3" reinforced flanges and grade 8 1/2" bolts
1 1/2" Diameter, stainless steel pins - over 200 times stronger than 1" pins
1" Heavy duty, double shear door hinges - equivalent strength to 2 -1" barrel hinges
PFX proudly offers bolt together storm shelters made in the USA